No-repeat customers are a sign …a bad one. Here’s why.

What is one thing every business wants from customers? More sales, more revenue, and undying loyalty. This is how a business gets consistent income and a foundation on which to grow. This is the ideal situation.

However, when customers don’t come back again and again, it is the opposite of ideal. Your growth strategy could be in jeopardy due to a lack of regular revenue. In addition, you could be spending a lot of money on recruiting new customers. Again, not ideal.

So, what to do?

Let’s start with a fundamental question. Why do customers buy from you?

Usually, it is to accomplish something or solve a problem that makes life better. Your customers come to you believing you will make that happen, so they buy and go home, but right here is where the ball gets dropped. Companies make the promise but fail to continue the relationship and ensure success, and by failing this part of the relationship, they miss out and lose trust.

This is where it is so good for a company to have service as the priority of the company. I don’t mean Customer Service, I mean service, the virtue of being helpful. When your company sees itself as being in business to help people, building relationships is par for the course, before, during, and after a sale is made. This proverbial ball will never get dropped.

If customers do not come back to you, it is a sign. It’s a sign of you not following up and/or following through.

Relationships require promises be kept. Is your company keeping them? Is your company staying in the relationship or is it making sales a one-night stand? In a tough economy, you will wish you had opted for a focus on service and building relationships.

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