Great service requires rowing together.

One of the problems causing poor service in a business is lack of alignment. In other words, everyone on the team not being on the same page. But what page?

You see, like a rowing crew, everyone in a business must be rowing together in sync. Everyone needs to understand that they serve. Every employee should be clear that the primary purpose of the business is service and that what they do, regardless of role or function, impacts customer success. Put simply, if you’re not doing something that connects to the customer, there’s no point in your job.

Throughout the organization, this focus creates a sense that a job well done everywhere inside the business means a job well done for the customer. Who can’t see the value in this? It is quality assurance from the inside out. Every step along the way to the customer is imbued with excellence.

How about your organization? Is everyone aligned to the customer? Does everyone believe and understand that you are in business to serve? Does everyone see how they connect to the customer and doing their job as if it were being done for a customer? If you can get to the point where you can answer yes to each of these questions, your business will be transformed. Service will be everywhere. And the end of the chain, the customer, will be successful and happy. This leads to them returning and good word of mouth which leads to more customers. The bottom line from all of it? More revenue and greater success.

If this sounds good, get to work. Make the changes necessary to get this ball rolling.

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