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We help organizations create service-focused cultures that achieve better business results for all stakeholders.


How Service COACH Helps

Organizations that put service front and center outperform those that don’t by over 80%. But moving from product- or profit-centric thinking to a focus on service can be daunting, you need a roadmap and strategy to infuse a service consciousness into your organization.

At Service COACH, we believe that while methods like mapping, design, process improvement, and training are useful, they will not create any long-lasting change without a mindset shift. To that end, our work is centered on influencing people in organizations to see service as a fundamental human quality that should be part of all aspects of their interactions rather than just window dressing.

Making this shift involves 1) educating management and team members about the benefits of becoming service focused, 2) coaching living examples who influence helpfulness throughout the organization, and 3) regular messaging that keeps the new focus top of mind.

To involve and engage people, Service COACH uses an interactive approach that guides individuals, teams, departments, and entire organizations in creating their own strategy and plan for change.


Why Workshopping?

We use interactive workshops to engage people in taking action to solve problems and improve how they and the organization serve. With an easy-to-understand coach approach, we trim down what often takes a great deal of time and complication to more quickly get people working on practical improvements that positively impact the workplace and customer experience.

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