How often do your employees interact with customers throughout the day?  Each interaction is an opportunity to provide a memorable moment and to reinforce customer loyalty.

Of course, getting all employees on board in delivering excellent interactions isn’t easy. It requires having great leaders in place, great recruiting that looks for the right behaviors and attitudes among potential employees and ongoing training that preaches the message and helps people develop their skills. It requires a very collaborative culture reliant on team members helping and looking out for each other.

Critical to it all though is a common goal, mission and purpose focused on service.  Every team member must have the needs of others and the desire to help at their center.  One self-centered, me-focused employee can send the consistency of excellent interactions into a tailspin.  To combat this, a service focus must be regularly demonstrated by leaders.  The message must be lived not just talked.  Serving must be the focus.

What is your focus?

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