We Need “Real” Leaders

Some people step into leadership roles out of a sense of mission and service to others, yet some seek leadership to feel power and superiority over others. The latter are interested in bettering themselves, enlarging their income or social status, or improving their standard of living while the former are first and foremost servants of others who help the team fulfill a mission.

Consider these critical differences:

1. Personal power and prestige.                                       1. Service to others.
2. Improved personal wealth and status.                    2. Improved welfare of the people.
3. Others are enemies and competitors.                     3. Others are teammates.
4. Motivated to remove opposition.                              4. Motivated to fulfill a mission.
5. Self-recognition.                                                                  5. Team recognition.

What would you prefer?  Who would you rather follow?

As we look for leadership in our communities, schools, government and businesses, it would do well for us to seriously consider those who demonstrate Real Leadership versus False Leadership.

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