Is your customer doing the work?

How many times have you asked your customers to do work?  This may sound like a crazy question but there are many instances where businesses are actually asking customers to do work.

Let me give you an example.  Suppose you are on a website just perusing the offerings of XYZ Co and you come upon the phrase, “Keep checking back in to see the updates to our catalog.”  It seems harmless enough, but who wants to do it, much less remember to do it?  Why should I do the work, isn’t that what your company should be doing?

Another one I’ve seen is when you are talking to a sales person and they inform you that their company doesn’t offer some related service.  Trying to be helpful, they give you the phone number of someone who does.  Once again, harmless, but who’s got to do the work?

Thing is, there are simple solutions to both of these.  In scenario one, how about asking for an email address so the customer can be updated with additions and sale offers.  In scenario two, the sales person could let the customer know that they could easily contact a trusted vendor to call and talk over their options.

You see, service is about helping people do things they either don’t know how to do or can’t do themselves…or don’t want to do.  This implies that the customer doesn’t have to work…and it can make a big difference if you take on the work for them…especially when you do it for no particular gain.  I know I would remember you for it and would probably tell others.

Building an army of advocates is the real key to sustaining business success, and finding opportunities to do the work for your customers is a great way to move in that direction.

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