Sales or Service, You Decide

Is your organization sales-centric or service-centric?   Typical responses sit somewhere on the fence, “We want to provide the best service experience while maximizing every sales opportunity.”  Nice, but it is important to decide because it will influence the experience your customers have and the decisions your organization makes.

One quick and easy way to discern the real priority of your business is to determine which of these two outcomes are preferable:

  1. The customer has a disappointing service experience, but they bought your product anyway.
  2. The customer has an excellent service experience but doesn’t make a purchase this time.

For those of you who think this is a trick, it’s not; it is a test of integrity.  It is easy to choose #2 when the sale is a small one but #1 becomes more appetizing when we’re talking about perhaps a $100,000 purchase. Here’s the rub, if you say you are service-centric, it is about the customer…all of the time…not just when it’s convenient.  You deliver a great experience whether they purchase or not.  You do not accept less than stellar service performance…for any amount of money.  You never make a sale for the money, you make it to help your customer succeed at something or achieve something. Period.

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