Make the Journey Easy

Making it easy to do business with you can be a key differentiator between you and your competitors. The following four tips have been pulled from the book, The Effortless Experience, an excellent book that goes into exhaustive detail on the subject of making service experiences easy.

  1. Help customers solve their problems in as few calls as possible. This is about making your process as one-stop-shop as you can and doing things in such a way that your customer doesn’t have to come back or call back.
  2. Keep repeating information to a minimum. We’ve all had the experience of calling a vendor about something and being asked to enter our account number only to be asked what our account number is by the first person we speak with.  It is so annoying and frustrating.  Make sure your systems are set up in such a way that customers only have to do things or relay things once.
  3. Use helpful language. When your employees use language that makes service sound difficult, it somehow becomes difficult in the mind of the customer.  Find language that is helpful, language that says “yes.”
  4. Don’t bounce customers around from person to person looking for answers. Direct people to the right person the first time.  Learn who does what in your organization and make a list of the key problem-solvers for the most common problems customers bring to you.  Make this information clear to everyone so they can direct customers to one person for answers.

Simple ideas to simplify your customers’ journey.

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