What’s Painted on Your Face?

Image result for painting faces

What’s your face saying?  Every day you send a message without saying a word and it’s painted on your face.

This face painting comes in many varieties and each sends a subtle message.  Think about the different messages that come across between a great big smile, a permanent frown, or a furrowed brow.

What’s on your face is the first impression you make and sends messages to everyone around you.

For example, a smile says several things, “I am happy to be here”, “I like you” and even “I am happy to serve you”.

A frown can say “Go away”, “I’m tough so don’t mess with me” and “I’m all business and no fun”.

Put this in a business context.  What messages are your customer-facing employees sending to your customers?  What message are the managers in your business sending to their direct reports?  What messages are all of your team members sending to each other and what are they saying about your culture?  It’s written on their faces.

No matter the context, the important thig here is this; we have complete control of the messages we send. Every day we can choose what we want to communicate.

What we paint on our face influences our emotions and the emotions of others, so don’t wait to feel good in order to smile, it’s quite possible that if you smile, you’ll start to feel good…and…so will those around you, it’s like a virus.  Think about the difference that could make in your workplace and with your customers.

So, how’s your face painted right now?  What message are you sending?  Is it the one you want to send?


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