Grace, Every Day.


Grace.  It means courteous goodwill and an attractively polite manner of behaving.  This holiday season is getting underway and grace seems to always come to the fore at this time.

But what about the rest of the year, why can grace not be part of our habitual behavior? What would it take to make gracious acts more the rule than the exception to it?

When Irma and Harvey were ravaging the South and Southeast earlier this year, grace was abundant.  No more was this evident than in the actions of Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale of Gallery Furniture in Houston.  He opened the doors of his business to give people shelter.  His story is the epitome of service over self and one that is particularly apt for the upcoming season if not for all time.

The worst things happen and it can bring out the best in people.  We saw it on 9/11 and we’ve seen it after so many natural disasters.  People dropping their self-interest to reach out and help others.

This week we give thanks, and I plan to give particular thanks for people like “Mattress Mack” who inspire and challenge me to find the best in myself.  And I am inviting you to do likewise so that maybe, just maybe, we might take that inspiration and practice his spirit every day.  No, I am not suggesting that every day we demonstrate the extremes we see after disasters, but I am suggesting that we perform small acts every day, that we show others the best we can offer.

This Thanksgiving, I pray that I might not only be grateful for the many blessings I have been granted, but also that I might share some grace in whatever small way I can, all year long.

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