Opportunity or drudgery? Your choice.

Do you think of work as something you “have to do” or as something you “want to do”?

It’s imperative to “want to” if you expect to do your best work, and in order to “want to” you need to be happy. And since happiness starts with you and your frame of mind, here’s a simple way to begin. First thing in the morning, get it in your head to look at every task of the day as an opportunity to help someone. Before setting out on any task, ask yourself, how will completing this help someone else?

Studies have shown that helping others is a surefire road to greater happiness. So, by setting your frame of mind around being helpful, your work will have more meaning, and thus, bring you more fulfillment and happiness. And when you’re happier, voilà, those around you will be happier.

How can you move to a “want to” rather than “have to” spirit about your work? Frame it around being an opportunity to be helpful rather than a drudgery to be accomplished.

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