The Make-Your-Workplace-Better Challenge

Related imageIn a recent survey of over 2500 employees worldwide, 22% said they had a good day at work 3 or less days a month. Look around your office. Approximately 1 out of every 4 to 5 of your teammates has 36 good days at work a year at best. THIRTY-SIX DAYS A YEAR!!! That means that, for a large number of people, over 200 days a year are bad days. That’s roughly a third of the year being crap. Ugh, ugh, and ugh!

Now, you know what you’re like when you have a bad day. You know how you treat family, friends, and customers. Put bluntly, most of us are crabs when we have a bad day and we take everything out on those around us.

So, if about a quarter of the population is unhappy at work, is it any wonder why so many families are stressed, customer service is mediocre to terrible at best, and quality work is at a premium? And given all of that, do you think that maybe making workplaces better, involving people, encouraging them, and showing them they’re valued might just make our world a better place? If so, how about doing something about it in your workplace? How about doing whatever you can to welcome co-workers everyday, involve more people more often, be an encourager rather than a discourager, and let people know they matter and that you appreciate what they do? How about that? Can you do it? I challenge you.

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