Using mistakes to your advantage.

Image result for fixing mistakesOne way companies are alike is that they all make mistakes. No business is free from errors. However, there’s also an upside to this reality, how you recover can be your biggest differentiator.

Customers want consistency. They want products that perform consistently and they want companies that perform consistently to fix things when they go wrong.

The best companies know they’re not perfect, and, with this knowledge, they are proactive in designing strategies to quickly, efficiently, and easily solve problems when they come up. In other words, if you want to stand out, don’t just think product, think systems for problem solving.

Customers need to know they can count on you. By consistently showing up to right wrongs, you build trust, and trust is the basis of relationships, long-term relationships. And long-term relationships are the foundation of long-term business success.

Go take a look at your recovery process. Is it easy? Is it transparent? Is it fair? If any answer is no, go back and adjust until you can say yes.

No company is perfect, and the best differentiate themselves by admitting it and making things right every time, no questions asked.

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