Don’t lose the people in the hustle.

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“It’s a failure of American corporations and a failure of capitalism that we don’t see human well-being and dignity as just as important as making money.” – Bob Sutton, professor and organizational psychologist, Stanford University.

As we enter the major shopping season for the upcoming holidays, it is easy to get caught up in buying and selling. Customers try to get the best deals and businesses try to move as much product as possible. The problem is that people get lost in all of this and incivility and mistreatment begin to rule the day.

Humans are the reason for business. Business exists to help people and losing sight of that is missing the mark completely. In addition, people are the reason for the buying, selling, and gift giving. Again, missing sight of that is missing the mark.

As we venture forth this season, make sure you keep your eyes on the people who are behind everything. Whether it is family, friends, customers, or employees, people are why it all happens, helping them and doing nice things for them is the purpose of selling, buying, and giving. Don’t lose that in the hustle and bustle of the capitalist fervor. Remember to be civil, caring, and thoughtful, and make the season a blessed one for all.

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