Hey, big corporations, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is.

10 Fun & Easy Ways To Give Back as a College StudentWhile I like the sentiment of companies advertising their commitment to helping people during the pandemic, so much of it rings hollow to me. I mean, some of these companies make billions and are still hawking their products to great numbers who are currently laid off or furloughed and have no income coming in. Do they realize how depressing it is to see ads about buying a nice new car when you know you have no way to pay for it and are, in fact, trying to scrape by on whatever you have in savings?

I know companies are not trying to be heartless or anything, but to be really supportive, I would like to hear a message that recognizes the hard fact that many people are in despair. It would really, really be nice to see a message that not only recognizes that but does something to actually help those people. Wouldn’t it be great to see a multi-billion-dollar corporation offering to share their blessings instead of selling me something at a discount or with extended financing options? I know companies can’t just send out checks but how about putting some of your billions toward helping pay some rents or mortgages bills? How about funding a food bank? How about giving some vehicles to local charities to help them support those who are despairing at the moment? How about some of you huge health insurance companies keeping those who’ve been dropped due to lay-offs or furloughs insured?

It is so good to see so many people doing great things to support the heroes who are out there working hard to fight this virus. C’mon big corporations, start digging into your savings accounts and giving back to those who got you where you are, your customers. This is the time for big companies to give until it hurts – and when things come back, customers will remember it and bring you back to an even better place.

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