Bored? Then do something.

brown and white English bulldog lying on grey pavementAre you bored?

I hope so.

That means you have a chance to do something. You have a chance to perhaps do something for someone else. You have a chance to do some meaningful work.

The problem is most people think doing meaningful work means going into the office or store or factory or wherever it is they go to make their living.

However, meaningful work doesn’t have to only be stuff done in the office, it can be anything — and doing it for others makes it much more meaningful.

For example, the other day I cleaned out a cupboard in my workshop area. Did I do it for me? Hell no. I did it for my wife. She has been at me for at least a couple of years about needing to clean out that “junk.” Was it meaningful? Not so much to me but it was to her and that made it more meaningful for me.

Down and dirty, there are many things to do to move out of boredom, and they don’t involve binge watching.

If you want to bear this pandemic mess, get up, dust yourself off, start doing, and start doing for someone other than yourself, that will get you moving and unbored (I know, that’s not a word but energized seemed — boring).

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