Don’t give up. We need you.

Do Something Great neon sign

We all have dreams of doing great things and then we doubt ourselves or begin talking ourselves out of it because changing the world is just out of reach. We see these great people on TV or the internet or in books who have done all of these amazing things. They’ve raised inordinate amounts of money, they’ve developed the new sliced bread, they’ve climbed a mountain on Mars, whatever, and our little brains begin doing the I-have-a-dream-but-I-can’t-do-it dance. And then, most of us back down and come back to planet earth and our 9-to-5, rinse-and-repeat lives.

Does that make you sad or mad or defiant? Probably, and that’s good because we can’t make change and take our lives and others’ lives past rinse-and-repeat without some emotion and even some defiance, but how?

First, have a dream. What is it that you want for the world – yes, I do mean the world – because dreams need to be big and they need to be idealistic and they need to inspire you – and others hopefully. Sure, you may chuckle when you say it. You may be afraid to tell others, but have a dream or vision or mission that makes you gasp. I mean, think about mine. I imagine a world where people go to workplaces where they want to work and help their teammates be their best so that they can help customers be successful so that life overall is better for everyone, everywhere. Now, maybe that makes you chuckle, but it gets me out of bed.

Second, figure out how you can start where you are and begin moving the first teaspoon of dirt to build the mountain. Instead of focusing on the big wide world, think about the next person you meet. How can you start spreading your dream there? Maybe you write about it on a blog. Maybe you share related articles on social media. Maybe you start a club or an online group. Whatever, start where you are, but don’t give up. Don’t back down to rinse-and-repeat because you can’t change the universe in one day. You can’t change anything by giving up.

We need change. We need leaders. We need so many things to be better, more exciting, more thought-provoking, you name it, and that takes people who have visions and the will to begin moving the rock. So start now, one person, one message, one touch at a time. Don’t give up and don’t give in. We need you.

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