Haters. Let them go.

person in blue long sleeve shirt showing right handHaters. These are the people who just have to, as the great cliché says, “find a problem in every solution.”

It’s easy to be afraid of haters. It’s also easy to want to fight haters.

I was listening to a great podcast with Seth Godin (you can catch it here … https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jacob-morgan/the-future-of-work-podcast/e/57192943) and he gives some great advice on haters. He says to forget them, they don’t want the world you want, they don’t believe in what you believe and most likely never will, so why spend time on them? Why waste time listening to them? Why expend energy arguing with them? Just let them go.

Godin says to spend time on those who believe in what you believe and want to help you. When someone has constructive criticism, they believe and want to help, whereas haters just want to end it because they don’t believe and don’t want the world you do. They have that right, but why worry over someone who doesn’t like your blue pants because they only like red pants. The world is big enough for both but your time and energy aren’t big enough to waste.

Haters. Let them go. Keep going in the things you believe. And if what you believe does good, that’s never wrong.

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