Empathy is an investment.

grayscale photography of kids walking on road

What is empathy? It’s the ability to appreciate the feelings and emotional state of others. And while you may not for the life of you understand why something troubles or brings joy to someone, the practice of empathy allows you a notion of their sad state or happiness.

Empathy is by definition about others rather than self. To empathize is to give yourself over to the other and take their baggage as your own. It is an act of service.

Empathy takes away the feeling of lonely suffering and gives a sense of belonging. Someone else is suffering with us. We are not alone.

Some believe empathy is weakness, yet it requires great courage. Some believe empathy is indulgent, yet without it we can never truly understand.

Empathy allows us to connect, and connection allows us to communicate. And with communication we can solve problems, innovate, and make change.

Empathy is an investment.

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