It’s a good time for sharing.

gold framed orange lens Aviator-style sunglasses beside pool

The holidays are a time where we think about giving, or more specifically, sharing.

We all have luxuries. These are things we don’t need, we just want because they make life easier, prettier, or more fun, but they are unquestionably things we don’t need to survive.

Do you get your lawn mowed by a service? Luxury.

Do you have a TV? Luxury.

Do you have books? Luxuries.

Do you have running water in your home? Luxury. (You may not think so, but many people on this planet don’t have it in their homes.)

Funny how, when you really think about it, we have so many luxuries, especially when you think of them as things not necessary to survival.

Here’s the point. Most people living in societies where running water, indoor toilets, and planes, trains, and automobiles are so prevalent that they are expectations have enough to share.

During this season, take some time to inventory your luxuries. Got a lot? Give some thought to what you might share. Find that person who needs a little more luxury. You will both benefit.

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