We need sales wizards, not pushers of products.

man in blue hoodie wearing black hat

Sales is an important job. Without selling, you don’t get your product or service out there. If you don’t get your stuff out there, you don’t make any money. No money, no business. So yeah, sales is pretty important.

Sales, however, is a funny word. I so often see it mentioned using words that suggest persuasion or convincing people, however, while that may be one way of thinking, I think that’s what bad selling is, good selling is about something very different. Consider this: Products and services are a means to an end. Hence, sales should not be about the means, it should be about the end.

What does that mean?

When you are a good seller, you understand that what you are selling is the solution to a problem not just a product for its own sake. There is an old saying that people don’t want a drill, they want a hole.

When you, as a seller, understand and internalize that line of thought, persuasion isn’t a necessary tool. Persuasion suggests coercion or possibly bending the truth to get people to buy but if your objective is helping customers meet their needs, you don’t need to do any of that, you provide your expertise on what will do the job and ensure success.

Notice I didn’t say reach for or strive for customer success, I said ensure customer success. Get that? ENSURE success. If you are truly interested in doing that, you will advise your customers on the best way to get there, even if it means recommending a product you don’t sell, there is no persuading or convincing needed. You just want them to get what will do the job knowing that being their magical success wizard will either get you the sale or make you their go-to person down the road.

Selling is important, but it should be about ensuring success, not about pushing products. Be a good seller, know your craft and provide a true service—which means helping people get what they need not what you want.

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