You don’t “do” customer experience.

“So… how do we do this customer experience thing anyway?”

I hate this question. It sounds like customer experience, a.k.a. CX, is something you start doing by flipping a switch. 

Well, it’s not. CX is like culture, it happens whether you “do it” or not. 

CX is everything a customer encounters having to do with your business or brand. This includes ads, website, parking lot, store layout, product selection, employee appearance and behavior, cleanliness of the bathrooms, what your neighbor says, the list goes on. 

And like culture, you can leave it up to chance or you can plan and design it. Your business is “doing” CX right now without you lifting a finger. So the question isn’t how do we “do” CX? Instead, it’s, do we want our customers’ impression of our business based on a coin toss or would we rather have a say in the matter? Do we want to lead it or are we okay with the fickle finger of fate at the helm?

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