We need leaders.

selective focus photography of boy wearing black Batman cape

We need leaders. The world has changed dramatically in the last few months and big change has implications. Fear for one. A lot of people are afraid of what’s next and, in some cases, what’s right now. Change has implications and we need leaders to show the way to something better – at least I want better.

“But I’m not a leader,” cry so many who don’t understand that leadership isn’t only for those who have a nameplate on their desk.

What is a leader? It’s anyone who shows the way. It’s anyone who is followed. It is anyone who volunteers to have a vision and go on a mission. It could be you.

We need leaders. We have new needs. We need new products. We need new processes. We need new ways to interact safely. We need, need, need and that means people need to step up, raise a flag, and head in a direction.

You don’t need to be in charge of anything. You don’t need a permission slip. You just need to have an idea, raise your voice, move others, and bring them together to move the mountain.

What’s your idea? Who can you move? Who can you bring together?

We need leaders.

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