There are two approaches to service.

brown traffic lightOne is reactive. This type waits for someone to reach out with a problem. It waits for customers to put in effort. And given that, it is only partly helpful.

The other approach is proactive which means it does things to ensure there are no problems to start with. Products are constantly tested to ensure consistent results and to find potential problem areas that need to be corrected. Processes are regularly reviewed to make sure they are as uncomplicated and streamlined as possible. Employees are trained to be able to handle issues, empowered to do the right things, and expected to be friendly and courteous.

The difference in approaches speaks to the culture of the organization. The reactive approach is inward and thinks customer second because a reaction is an afterthought by nature. This approach waits for pain to happen before doing anything. This kind of culture is only helpful when necessary.

A proactive approach on the other hand is outwardly focused and thinks “how can we help before you have to ask?” This approach looks for ways to make sure pain doesn’t happen at all. This kind of culture makes helpfulness part of its DNA.

As a customer, which would you rather experience? As an employee, which would you rather be part of?

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